Localization Project Management Self Study Curriculum


Topics of the Readings


What Big-ticket buyers look for in Localization vendors

Localizing worldwide mobile apps

Project management and machine translation

Practical survival guide for globalization project managers


Topics of the recordings


The Global Company


     • Facets of a truly global company

     • The role played by a localization strategy and its impact a company to create localized products

     • Five levels in the Localization Maturity Model


Applying the PMI Standard to Localization

     • How the Project Management Institute can assist you as a localization project manager

     • Project Scope, Time and Cost Management knowledge areas

     • 5 process groups from the PMBOK® Guide


Project Initiation

     • Interactions between project sponsor, project manager, procurement and LSP during the Sales and

       Procurement phases of the localization workflow

     • How project objectives can help you to determine project success in an objective way

     • Select the approach to be used for tools and processes on your own localization projects based on

       your standard processes and tools available


Project Planning


Requirements, Scope and Work Breakdown Structures

     • Natural, external and discretionary dependencies between project tasks

     • Workload and duration for a project task

     • Four different methods to bring in (compress) a schedule



     • Create a budget from a schedule for your own projects

     • Explain the importance of maintaining Budget to Actual information


Quality Management

     • Quality Evaluation Model

     • TAUS Dynamic Quality Evaluation Model


Risk Management

     • Four steps of Risk Management

     • Objectives of a Risk Breakdown Structure


Communication Management

     • Localization metrics

     • Communications Plan

     • Escalation paths


Project Execution & Monitoring


Project Execution

     • Project team training program

     • Quality Assurance


Monitoring and Control

     • Administer procurements

     • Cost control

     • Risk control

     • Earned Value Measurement


Project Closure

     • Project Objectives and metrics

     • Post-project review agenda

     • Project pitfalls

     •Best Practices


Impact of Technology on Localization


Agile Development and Continuous Translation

     • "Traditional" waterfall model vs. Agile development model

     • Automation of the localization workflow

     • Best localization practices in an Agile development environment


Translation in the Cloud

     • Cloud based translation management system vs. an off-line, stand alone translation management


     • Advantages of a cloud based system

     • Limiting factors on translation productivity


Machine Translation and Post-editing

     • Typical workflow for machine translation

     • Acceptance of machine translation by buyers of localization


Community Translation

     • Project management activities on a traditional, LSP based translation project vs. a community

       translation based project

     • Technology requirements for community translation